Sake Daiginjo sake-kasu / 10 kg

【 From Japanese sake Brewery 】Traditional Foods

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* Place of origin: Tokyo (Japan)

* Rice of origin: (Hyougo-ken)

   兵庫県産 特等山田錦45%

 Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 

   Polished rice 45% 

   Glade Toku-tou mai


   Not for sales Product.

* Shelf Life: 6 months (15 ℃ or less)

* Type:  Sake Daiginjo sake-kasu
* Grade:  A

* Taste:  Rich flavor

* Min.Order Quantity: 1 bag ( 10kg )
* Supply Ability:  10 bags per Month

* Delivery Detail: 14 days after payment

Sake Daiginjo sake-kasu

Air Freight ( DHL )  included

(10 kg / 1Bag) $280

(20 kg / 1Bag) $380

Sake Ginjo sake-kasu

【 From Japanese sake Brewery 】Traditional Foods

Sake kasu (酒粕) are the lees left over from sake production. They can be used as a pickling agent, For amazake, a cooking paste to add flavor and taste to food.


Amasake (甘酒, [amazake]) is a traditional sweet, low- or non-alcohol (depending on recipes) Japanese drink made from fermented rice. Amazake dates from the Kofun period, and it is mentioned in the Nihon Shoki. It is part of the family of traditional Japanese foods made using koji and the koji mold Aspergillus oryzae (麹 kōji) that includes miso, soy sauce, and sake.

It is how to make Amazake.

1. We put 100 g sake-kasu on 500 cc of water for one day
2. Warm it while melting sake-kasu over the fire
3. 2 tablespoons honey, salt, add grated ginger
4. It will be finished after boiling.


Kasuzuke (粕漬け), also kasu-zuke, is a Japanese dish made by pickling fish or vegetables in the lees(residual yeast and other precipitates) of sake, known as sake kasu.

 Kasuzuke salmon 

 Kasuzuke red snapper 

 Kasuzuke squid 

 Kasuzuke pork 

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