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You can easily and speedily make sake with your name from 120 bottles.

Original equipment macturer of sake

Original equipment manufacturer of sake
OEM sake
Own label sake
Own private label sake
Private Label Sake
Personalized Label sake
Custom label Sake

Private Label Sake

Produce your own private label sake:

This is the perfect production for branding your company or restaurant.
Furthermore, if you have recommended sake ( Own private label sake ), you can operate efficiently and improve your profit margin.

Let's make Own private label sake, that is the store name or your name or company name, a bottle label !

Custom label

OEM-Personalized Label sake
Personalized Label sake

If you make a design, the label fee is the only 300 USD at fist time only.


  MOQ(Minimum order quantity) : 120 bottles


 If You make Design and sent email.  ¥0
 If We make Design.¥30,000 

   ②Block copy

    300 USD at first time only.

OEM sake
back label-OEM sake
back label-Own private label sake

It is also possible to produce back labels.


We will make a back label if you give us the necessary information at your country's customs.

・Importer name
・Exporter name
・Alcohol content display
・Tasting display
・Product barcode

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact Private Label sake

Private Sake Label
Sake Label Nihonshu
Sake Labels
Custom label Sake
Do you have an import license?

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Sam Investment Ltd
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