Japanese Sake and Food Trading Company 【 DAIICHIYA SAKETEN CO., LTD. 】

About Us     第一屋酒店

DAIICHIYA SAKETEN started in 1939 as a general retailer (B to C), but has expanded into a B to B business as well, dealing with various customers such as liquor stores, restaurants and factories. 

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We sell Japanese sake and business-use flavorings to both general customers and as OEM products. 
We particularly deal with low-priced sake and high-quality miso and soy sauce. 
Please feel free to contact us regarding the provision of business-use alcohol and seasoning for Japanese restaurants. 

Responsible parties at restaurants, hotels, sushi bars, and factories, please feel free to consult with us through e-mail. We can issue product analysis tables and place-of-origin credentials. (Handling fees are separate.) 

Established: 1939 
Capital: 50,000,000 yen (2017) 

Business Details 
Business-Use liquor 
Processed food wholesaling 
Liquor and foodstuff exporting 
Warehouse leasing 

Products Handled 
Beer, Sake, shochu, umeshu, Japanese wine, Japanese whiskey 

Sake barrels, Kitchen equipment


Exporting destination 2017


【10%】New zealand












Agent Licenses 
Kikkoman Wholesale Agent 
Yamasa Soy Sauce Wholesale Agent 

Liquor Retailing Licenses (Funama No. 173) 
General liquor retailing license 
Mail-order liquor retailing license 
Special liquor retailing license 

Liquor Wholesaling Licenses 
Total liquor wholesaling license 
Beer wholesaling license 
Western liquor wholesaling license 
Export and import liquor wholesaling license 
Special liquor wholesaling license 


Contributions To Society 
30 years participation in Lions Club

Daiichiya Histre Book.

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Distributor Gold Signboard

Liquor Retailing Licenses

Sake dictionary

(Sake Glossary)

Wakatsuru Shuzo Sake Making movies
Wakatsuru Shuzo Sake Making movies
Wakatsuru Shuzo
Sake Making movies
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We are a Japanese sake whilesales and export company.We especially have strengh in selling Japanese decoration barrel, EMPTY SAKE BARREL and display sake barrel.


 Business for Japanese food wholesale

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