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Absolutely necessary !! for Japanese restaurant.
“ Shimenawa-Kazari ” for business prosperity.


This is a good Shimenawa-Kazari,Japanese new year's ornament.

We put Shimenawa-Kazari on the entrance door around new year season.

(After winter solstice - January 7)

Do not display this ornament inside of entrance door.

Outside facing style only.

Bad spirits hate Shimenawa-Kazari especially red things and thorn plants and they never invade our home or apartment's room.

Citrus and rice straw absorb evils like a vacuum machine.

On the other hand,sacred nature gods love and visit the ornament especially on thorn plants.

Shimenawa-Kazari x 3 ( 3 types set )

  • ● Materials: natural materials, wires
    ● ①Size /W17×D4.5×H20cm

    ● ②Size /W25×D7×H45cm

    ● ③Size /W25×D7×H45cm

    ● Product delivery will be after late November. Please check for damage when the product arrives. When storing the product in a case, be sure to place the base down to prevent damage. In addition, products using natural materials may be cracked or discolored due to drying, so we recommend using them only for this season.


    Delivery time:
      The ship from Japan will be 10 days after payment is confirmed.
      The customs release of a shipment can take from 14 to 30 days (for COVID19)
      Please note

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