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What is the meaning of Masu?

Today we learned the polite form of verbs, also known as the  (masu) form of verbs. ★ Japanese has 2 verb tenses: past and non-past. Non-past indicates both present and future. This means that the same sentence often has two possible translations.


What is Masu sake?

A masu (枡升) was originally a square wooden box used to measure rice in Japan during the feudal period. Masu existed in many sizes, typically covering the range from one to (一斗枡 ittomasu, c. 18 L) to one gō (一合枡 ichigōmasu, c. 0.18 L).


How do you drink sake?

Hold the cup close to your face and take in the aroma. Take a small sip, and let it linger in your mouth before you swallow it. If you wish to warm your sake, simply place the tokkuri in a pan of boiling water. About 40-45 degrees Celsius is a good temperature to enjoy this drink.


Why is sake served in a wooden box?

Overflowing into the masu (the square wooden box) traditionally signals the wealth and generosity of the restaurant. The sake in the masu is also intended for drinking. People often even pour the contents of the sake glass into the box and drink from there, but this will alter the flavour a little.


Logo Printing MASU (100 Cups)

  • * Type:  Japanese sak cup

    * Material: Kiso hinoki (Cedar tree Wood)
    * Place of origin:  Osaka (Japan)
    * Delivery Detail: 21days after payment




    ■ Size S 100 Cups (≒140ml) 8-shaku

        63× 63×44 / 80g / 390USD

    ■ Size M 100 Cups (≒180ml) 1gou

        83× 83×52 / 100g / 420USD

    ■ Logo Printing add = 17,000 JPY = 150 USD

        20JPY (Printing) x 1 (one side) x 100(Qty) + 15,000JPY (branding iron)


    Your custom design will be transformed into a branding iron such as displayed above, which will be pressed on each of your ordered masu cups. When creating your design, please remember that it will need to stand its ground on an iron plate as this one, so please take special care for the following points:

    # Your design should be in white and black, where the black parts will be branded on the custom masu

    # Your design shouldn't contain too slim lines neither in the black nor in the white part, since these may not be possible to brand clearly (too slim white lines may not even appear on the wood since branding might be just a little wider than planned) (too slim black lines may get deformed when the heated iron is pressed against the wood)


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