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How to drink by Sake Masu?!

Correct drinking is " To drink from a flat part " not " from the corner ".

How to hold the thumb put the Masu on top of the right hand of the four fingers should be left over to lightly edge.

In one corner of the Masu you serving the salt.
Drink as sip and put the lower lip to the plane.


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SAKE MASU ( 10 Cups Set ) Iwai symbol

  • * Type: Japanese sak cup
    * Material: Kiso hinoki (Cedar tree Wood)
    * Place of origin: Osaka (Japan)
    * Delivery Detail: 14days after payment


    SAKE MASU ( Sake Cup )
    Size S 10 Cups (≒100ml) 5shaku / 63× 63×44 / 80g / 40USD

    Size M 10 Cups (≒200ml) 1gou / 83× 83×52 / 100g / 43USD
    Size L 10 Cups (≒950ml) 5gou /140×140×73 / 300g / 140USD


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