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Handcrafted in Japan by the skilled artisans of Marutake. 

This Yoroi makes an elegant piece to wear or display. Body armor and shoulder guards are finished really so beautiful.

This suit’s body armor is constructed by hand, using multiple iron pieces, beautiful lacings and elaborately crafted chainmail. This Yoroi armor comes with all parts and accessories listed in the charts below, and can be worn. Matte finish would be acceptable for free.

Principle parts of this set are made of iron.

Helmet Bowl
Header Board
Face Mask 
Body Armor 
Shoulder Guards 
Shin Guards 
Thigh Guard Apron


Also Comes With: 
Your armor will also come in a black lacquered wooden storage box that doubles as a beautiful Armor Stand for you to proudly display your armor, along with the wooden stand to have the armor stay sitting straight up on the box. 

Original armor Red ( No.O-060 ) / Samurai Warrior Replica Armor

$2,900.00 Regular Price
$2,465.00Sale Price

    We are not responsible for the defense function of this product. This is not made for any defensive purpose. Don't attack this product with any weapons like swords and firearms.

  • ● Height 152 cm ● Width 80 cm ● Length 60 cm
    [Size when stored]
    ● Height 55cm ● Width  45 cm ● Depth  41 cm

    【Gross weight】 ※ Including a bag 
    ● 18 kg to 20 kg


    Life-size armor is the average height of modern adults 165cm ~ 180cm
    It is possible to wear up to around the waist up to 80 cm-the last 95 cm.
    ※ There is a difference between things, you can also resize.
    (Resize price will be increased by 20%)
    (Please contact us or your dealer for extra charges)

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