Kagami wari Set

To  make the Tarusake for wedding   

Barrel Size 18 L / Size 36 L /  Size 72 L 

Note: Sake & Sake masu ( Cups ) is not included.


■Sake barrel (Empty) Size 18L / 420×420×400 :  (1)

■Mini ladle: quantity of one (1)

■Mini mallet: quantity of one (1)

■Kagami ita (Hit lid): quantity of one(1)




The sake barrels  -----------------------------------------------

It was used as a container to carry the sake since ancient times in Japan.

Currently, it is used as a container to give the aroma of wood in sake.

It will be "THE TARUSAKE" put in the sake about two weeks into a barrel.


How to use Kagami wari set  -----------------------------------

Recently,Kagamibiraki has gained the popularity among the younger generations. 
Kagamibiraki could be created with any occasions. You could not only use Japanese sake but also use juice, sweets, gifts.


Please use it as a table for commemoration after use.

Table glass is not included. Please buy glass at the your site.

Kagami wari Set (Empty Wooden Sake barrel)

Barrel Size
Barrel Designer's brand
  • Kagami wari Set

    Note: Sake & Sake masu ( Cups ) is not included.

    * Product Type: Empty wooden barrel

    * Barrel: ceder, bamboo

    * Exterior material : polyethylene rope

    * Rope : Polypropylene
    * Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set

    * Delivery Detail: 14days after payment


    ★★★ Included ★★★

    ■ Kagami ita (Hit lid) QTY  : 1
    ■ Kizuchi ( Wood hammer ) QTY  : 1
    ■ Take shaku ( bamboo ladle ) QTY  : 1




    ■ Size 18L / 420×420×400  / $440
    ■ Size 18L ( Upper base 9L)/ 420×420×400 / $490
    ■ Size 36L / 500×500×500 / $530
    ■ Size 36L ( Upper base 18L)/ 500×500×500/ $580
    ■ Size 72L / 630×630×630 / $690
    ■ Size 72L ( Upper base 36L)/ 630×630×630/ $740


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