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【Japanese Decorative barrel】

You can not put a sake because this barrel is imitation.

Please use as a decoration.

This barrel created for decorative purpose only. Used polystyrene foam thus much lighter than wooden barrels.


Half cut can also be produced.



Please contact us as much detail as possible.


The sake barrels  -----------------------------------------------

It was used as a container to carry the sake since ancient times in Japan.

Currently, it is used as a container to give the aroma of wood in sake.

It will be "THE TARUSAKE" put in the sake about two weeks into a barrel.


Empty Sake Barrel Eto2024-Noburiryu-red


    * Product Type: Empty Sake barrel

    * Brand Name: Wakatsuru-shuzou
    * Material: Polystyrene foam in side
    * Place of origin: Toyama ( Japan )
    * Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    * Delivery Detail: 14days after payment


    ■ Size 1.8L(Cardboard core)/ 1.0kg / 180×180×180h / $59

    ■ Size 18L / 2.5kg / 420×420×400h / $210

    ■ Size 36L / 4.5kg / 500×500×500h / $250

    ■ Size 72L / 8.0kg / 630×630×630h / $280


    ■ (Half cut) 18L / 1.5kg / 420w×220d×400h /$240

    ■ (Half cut) 36L / 2.5kg / 500w×280d×500h /$290

    ■ (Half cut) 72L / 4.5kg / 630w×330d×630h /$310

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