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Size 195 × 195 H45 mm The lid is a transparent lid.

Estimated amount of rice in one partition containing 15 sets 60g
Range up is possible for a short time. The

thick partitions and the height of the edges create a high-class feeling and complement the menu.
Reduces the labor of processing and incorporating partitions. In addition, since the partition is integrated can reduce the use of the cup
in the colors and patterns that feeling of luxury, inbound and holidaymakers, cherry-blossom viewing lunch, you can use to fine lunch of dinner, such as

HW (Highwood) series, conventional chemical conversion It is a product with a thick partition that is not found in the product, and creates the original luxury feeling of a folding box. With high quality and high functionality, it can correspond to a higher-grade food scene.

Some of the products have a lid on them, so they can

not be returned because they are food containers. Please check the size carefully before ordering.

Folded box lunch container disposable 9 trout lunch container foreigner lunch container disposable lunch container fashionable disposable lunch container cute 9 partition lunch container 9 scale container

DX Lunch box transparent lid set HW-65E 15 sets

  • Color: white wood / black wood
    Material: polypropylene
    Min order: 15 set
    Box QTY: 120 set
    Weight: 28.5g

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