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[Size (after set)] Horizontal 125 mm Vertical 125 mm Height 50 mm (bottom depth 44 mm) Lid height 3.8 mm


A bottom (no partition) About 200 g of rice (approx.) masu
S bottom (with partition) one enters rice about 65g (standard) to partition
[materials and specifications] border PSP bottom PS · PSP
border and bottom (black, red · CR ( cream))
depending on how the color of the monitor, there is the case and what the actual color is different
stacked without lid, can be used as a two-stage heavy
edge, bottom, making it by lid parts
set of easy (border The one with a groove on the back side is the top.)
It is a high-class folding box type bento container used for catering lunch, ekiben, department stores, 

DX Chirashi Lunch box 50 sets

  • Color: white wood / black wood
    Min order: 50 set
    Box QTY: 400 set
    Weight: 14g

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