Beckoning cat

Fukudawara (Rice case)


A lucky cat, a lucky charm of business, was put inside.
A cat with a raised right hand is said to invite money. Prosperous business and fortune. The design is delighted by the gifted people.

A rice bran that can be easily held with both hands. Two sizes are available. Please use according to the application.


Product specifications: 5kg (outside dimension 29cm x outside diameter 19cm)

Beckoning cat Fukudawara (Rice case)

  • ● Material: Polystyrene Cover and inside plastic container
    ● Size /W29×D19
    ● Weight / 0.8kg

    Delivery time: 

    After the payment, it takes 14 days to make.
    Please note :
    The customs release of a shipment can take from 5 to 14 days

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