We can export more than 100 sake and beer breweries products from small quantities, such as the gold medal-winning sake brewery.

Sake is Our Passion !

At Daiichiya Saketen, We offers not only highest quality and tastiest products, but also sake culture and splendor of the Japan.

Daiichiya saketen Co.,Ltd

As we have a special Japan's alcoholic license, we can packing mix  and export many products and many alcoholic beverages.

We can export various Brewery's sake ( Nihonshu )  and beer or Umeshu, whiskey, shochu in 1 shipping container.

Japan's alcoholic license has many restrictions.
 ・Permit for general sale (restaurant)
 ・Permit for liquor stores sale
 ・Permit for Internet sale
 ・Permit for wholesale sales of trading companies
 ・Permit for each Alcohol category handling

We can get everything and export it all over the world.

Let us fulfill your business needs and your business dreams

■ International Shipping:
We are dealing many premium Gold Award SAKE and the best-selling brewery. We can mixed from a small amount of SAKE ( Nihonshu ), that is not in the third-party services.
We can accommodate the shipping size from 180 ml of mini-pack to 1,000 L Bulk for commercial use.
■ Delivery Terms of trade: 
  FOB (Free On Board), 
  CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), 
  CFR  (C&F Cost and Freight)
  DAP (Delivered At Place) 
■ Payment Options: 
  TT (Teregrafic transfer remittance) , PayPal transfer or credit card.
■ Make Your Menu Something Special:
Hard to find pecialties, authentic egional ingredients, seasonal brew - we can help you choose the products certain to tempt your dining customers !
■ Buyer's Consolidation ( Brewery's Consolidation )
​We have started a new business model to export.
You can be more saving shipping cost.
You can be more small ordering.
You can be more saving reedtime.
You can order more product items.
Buyer’s Consolidation map

■ To Restaurant OwnersMake a bottle of the original label Japanese sake from only 120 bottles.Shops name or your name will be printed in Japanese.

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