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Junmai Ginjo Kuradashi  ( Product Name )

720 ml


* Type:  Japanese sake (HS2206.00.210)
* Grade:  Junmai Ginjo (Premium Sake)
* Alcohol Content (%):  15.2
* Packaging:   Bottle
* Taste:  Flavorful Milde Dry

* Sake meter value:  +0.0
* Brand Name:  Shirakawa.meijo
* Place of origin:  Fukushima
* Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
* Supply Ability:  500 Cartons per Month

* Delivery Detail: 14 days after payment

720ml 794 JPY ~


Only an import license holder.

Air Freight ( DHL )  included

720ml 1 Bottle $49

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Nigori-sake  ( No filtration sake)




This Junmai Ginjo is a low-cost,

high-quality Junmai Ginjo.

Enjoy the fruity taste 




This junmai ginjo sake brewed carefully at a low temperature.

This sake is made with clean spring water from Japanese high mountains and rice grown in the clean at mosphere on the Shirakawa Plateau. This product is literally an art of water and rice.




Junmai : Sake made up of water, koji mold, yeast and rice that has no milling requirement.
Ginjo : Sake that is made up of rice, water, koji mold, yeast and a portion of added distilled alcohol, and the rice is milled 40% with 60% of each grain remaining.​




A sake brewery boasting a top class production capacity in Japan
A deeply rich-tasting sake born from excellent underground water springs and rice grown in

rich, fertile soil irrigated by the headwaters.


Best selling Sake Brewery

Upstream from Shirakawa meijo lies Nikko National Park, an area with few factories,

making it perfect for brewing refined sake, where we have taken advantage of

this environment to make sake since 1850.

Our goal is to brew "inexpensive and safely reliable Japanese sake."


Opening hours: Monday to Friday

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